The List of the Most Powerful Nigerians in 2017. You Will Be Shockprise!

This is the list of the most powerful Nigerians in 2017.

These men and women ate so powerful that every Nigerian will agree and testify to how they wield their influence.

You will value this list better if you have ever encountered them in their line of duty.

If you were expecting Buhari, Osinbajo, Obasanjo, Tinubu,Dangote, Adeboye,  the Governors and other elites, you are in for a shock.

Now, we unveil to you the most power Nigerians in 2017.

1. The Security Guard were you are applying for a job.

2. The office Secretary when you want to see her Boss (Oga).

3. The wife of the President or Governor. Ask what Governor Ambode’s wife did to the Chaplain.

4. The lady at the Visa interview office
5. The people in charge of jollof rice at any party.
6. The clerk at the university’s transcript office.
7. Final year project supervisors
8. Self-absorbed and insecure lecturers
9. The girl sitting in front seat of a guy’s car wearing a strong ‘i-am-in-charge’ look
10. Demi-god filling-station attendants during fuel scarcity
11. Ekwensu mother-inlaws with patience Ozokwor’s DNA
12. The owner of the ball on the field
13. Luggage arrangers at busy bus parks
14. The Mama who sells the best Akara or beans down the street
15. The best friend of any rich person
16. The health worker at the HIV/AIDs testing unit
17. That registration officer at the HoD’s office who drinks tea in the afternoon
No matter what you do, don’t mess with these people!!! 😄😄.

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