This Beautiful Bride Dies of Cancer Hours Before Her Dream Wedding

Hopes of a dream wedding have been dashed for young British woman after cancer claimed her the day before the ceremony.

Anna Swabey, 25, was due to marry her boyfriend Andy Bell in the Yorkshire Dales on Saturday (UK Time).
Anna Swabey and Her Boy Friend

But 20 months after she was given three years to live, the popular Durham-based vlogger succumbed to a brain tumour.

Her heartbroken family took to Facebook to share their feelings says that “amongst our sadness, we are so proud of her courage, her spirit and the determination she showed throughout her illness”.

“If ever there was a person to show us how to live, it’s Anna Louise Swabey, our beautiful, brave girl.”

Swabey, who met Bell on Tinder last year, had also managed to help raise more than NZ$150,000 for the Brain Tumour Research Campaign since she was diagnosed with what’s also called anaplastic astrocytoma.

Talking to the UK’s Metro newspaper, the charity’s founder Wendy Fulcher described Swabey as “bright, vivacious, kind and beautiful”.

“Anna was one of those to whom others are naturally drawn. She had a great sense of fun and a marvellous joie de vivre. Anna loved the fact that she could make a difference. She certainly did that and I am so proud that I had the opportunity to know her.”

It was those attributes that drew Bell, who knew about her illness before they went on their first date, to his wife-to-be. He recently told the Mailonline that it wasn’t a “pity date”.

“I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t meet her.”

Having been there through surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy, he popped the question with a solitaire diamond ring.

Things were looking good for the big day until August 31, Swabey was told the cancer had been reclassified as Grade 4 rather than Grade 3, the most aggressive tumour type.

Since then she has been housebound but remained upbeat, apparently dancing to the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive in her final days and posting in her final vlog that she “cannot wait to become Mrs Anna Louise Bell”.

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